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Maximum genetic diversity of crop plants occurs where agriculture is
A) Run-on commercial lines
B) Advanced
C) Rainfed
D) Primitive

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Hint: Genetic diversity refers to the total number of genetic factors in the genetic composition of a species. It varies widely from the number of species to differences within species and can be associated with the period of survival for a species. It helps us a way for populations to conform to altering environments.

Complete answer:
Crop diversity is the difference in the genetic and phenotypic characteristics of plants utilized in agriculture. Crops may differ in terms of seed size, branching structure, height, flower colour, fruiting time or flavour.

Considering the above-given options;
Option A: Maximum diversity is not found where agriculture runs on commercial lines. This option is incorrect.

Option B: Advanced Agriculture, at present uses biotechnology to attain better techniques in agricultural practices. This comprises; genetically modified organisms, Pest-resistant plants, Production of interspecific hybrids, predators, pathogens of pests are generated to regulate infestation by pests. This results in genetic diversity. Hence, this option is correct.

Option C: Rainfed agriculture depends on rainfall for water and gives much of the food devoured by poor nations in developing countries. This has no role in genetic diversity. Hence, this option is incorrect.

Option D: Primitive farming is the ancient form of agriculture that is still common in some regions of the world. It is done on a self-sufficient basis and farmers cultivate food only for themselves and their households. This also has no role in genetic diversity. Hence, this option is incorrect.

Therefore, the correct answer is option ‘B’.

Note: In advanced agriculture plants, bacteria, fungi or animals whose genes have been modified by manipulation are called GMOs. By RNA interference technique plants can be created to avoid infestation of a nematode Meloidogyne incognita. Food security act 2013, was a huge step taken by the Government for the advancement in agriculture.

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