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Match the physical quantities given in column A to their SI units given in Column B.
(a) Pressure(i) cubic metre
(b) Temperature(ii) kilogram
(c) Density(iii) pascal
(d) Mass(iv) kelvin
(e) Volume(v) kilogram per cubic metre

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Hint: Units and Dimensions play key roles in physics. Various quantities have various dimensions. Dimensions of the main fundamental quantities are M for mass while L for length T for time K for temperature while A for the current. Different physical quantities have various units and SI units of length are meters.

Complete solution:
We will find out the units of given quantities and match them with the correct ones.
Pressure is nothing but force acting per unit area. SI unit of force is newton and the area is meter square. So newton per meter square is a unit of pressure and it is also called pascal. Hence (a) will be matched with (iii)
There are various units for temperature like Celsius and Fahrenheit and kelvin. But the SI unit is kelvin only. So (b) can be matched with (iv).
Density is the ratio of mass and volume. SI unit of mass is kilogram and of volume is meter cube. So the SI unit of density will be kilogram per meter cube. Hence (c) can be matched with (v).
SI unit of mass is kilogram. So (d) is matched with (ii).
SI unit of volume is meter cube. So (e) is matched with (i).

So the final matches will be as following:
(a) Pressure(iii) pascal
(b) Temperature(iv) kelvin
(c) Density(v) kilogram per cubic metre
(d) Mass(ii) kilogram
(e) Volume(i) cubic metre

There are some quantities which have units while don't have dimensions. Few instances for that are plane angle which has unit or radian but no dimensions and solid angle which has a unit of steradian and no dimension and angular displacement also has unit of radian but no dimension.