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Maltose consists of which one of the following:
a. β - Glucose and β - Galactose
b. α - Glucose and α - Fructose
c. α - Sucrose and β - Glucose
d. Glucose and Glucose

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Hint: Above given options are various forms of starch which is a polymer of carbohydrates, absorbed by the body. Carbohydrates when acted upon by various enzymes convert into saccharides like these that are later used by the body for energy production.

Complete Answer
Glucose is the simplest type of monosaccharide found in foods. Most of our digested food is stored in the body in the form of glucose. As maltose is a compound made up of two similar sugar molecules and glucose and galactose are slightly different, thus, option A is an incorrect option.
Fructose is another polymer of starch which is although a monosaccharide by origin but turns into a disaccharides after binding with glucose in plants. Maltose is a compound made up of two similar sugar molecules whereas this pair is quite different. Thus, option B is an incorrect option.
Sucrose is another form of starch which is disaccharide by origin. It is a compound which is made up of glucose and fructose. Since, we already know, that we are searching for a monosaccharide pair of sugar molecules that combine to form maltose, but this pair (α - Sucrose and β - Glucose) already has a disaccharide compound. Therefore, it cannot be a correct option.

Thus, we can say that option D) Glucose and Glucose is the correct answer.

These sugar molecules are known as alpha and beta due to their distinct molecular structure. The term alpha is given to those having carbon atoms on the opposite face of the cyclic ring of sugar in a starch molecule whereas beta is given to those having carbon on the same face of the ring.