Major source of sugar in the world is
a. Water melon
b. Beet root
c. Sugarcane
d. Dates

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The sugar that we all know and eat is sucrose. Sucrose is non-reducing sugar. Beet root is a plant whose root contains a large amount of sucrose in it. It is a highly rich source of sugar. It is mainly grown for the production of sugar. Moreover 10% of the sugar is also obtained from sugarcane. So the two most important sugar producing plants are sugarcane and beetroot. But beet root is the primary and major source of sugar production.

Complete answer:
> Water melon :- It is the fruit that people use to stay hydrated and lose weight. So it can’t be a rich source of sugar. It has a high content of water in it. Hence this option is not correct.
> Beetroot:- The roots of this plant are high in sucrose content. They are primarily grown for the production of sugar in large amounts. Hence this option is correct.
> Sugarcane :- It is also a source of sugar but it is a secondary source of sugar as sugar produced from it has to be modified through certain processes. It is primarily used in wine production. So this option is not correct.
> Dates:- They are high in natural sugar but they do not contain sucrose in them instead they contain natural sugar. Thus this option is also incorrect.

Our correct ans is b that is beetroot.

Note: Beetroot is also known as sugar beet due its characteristic property of producing sugar. Sucrose is extracted from the roots of beetroot. In plant breeding programmes it is also known as Altissima cultivar. It was first cultivated in Europe. Thus sugar beet is the major source of sugar production.