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What were the main points of electromagnetic wave theory? What were its limitations? How have these been overcome by Planck's quantum theory?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: We have to know, electromagnetic waves will be waves that are made because of vibrations between an electric field and an attractive field. The EM waves are made out of swaying attractive and electric fields. They are redirected neither by the electric field nor by the attractive field.

Complete answer:
At the point when an electrically charged molecule moves under speed increase, substituting electrical and attractive fields are created. These fields are communicated as waves. These waves are called electromagnetic waves or electromagnetic radiations. Energy is transmitted from a source ceaselessly as radiation and is called brilliant energy. The radiation comprises electric and attractive fields swaying opposite to one another and furthermore opposite to the course of proliferation of radiation. The radiation has wave character and goes with the speed of light $3 \times {10^8}m/s$ . These waves do not need any material mode for spread.
The limits of electromagnetic wave hypothesis are given below,
This hypothesis does not clarify the wonder of the photoelectric impact. It does not clarify the idea of dark body radiation. It does not clarify the line range of molecules regarding hydrogen.
We have to see, the electromagnetic wave hypothesis does not clarify the dark body radiation marvel and the photoelectric impact, though Planck's quantum hypothesis clarifies the dark body radiation wonder and the photoelectric impact. As indicated by electromagnetic wave hypothesis, the energy is radiated or ingested persistently, while, as per Planck's quantum hypothesis, energy is transmitted or assimilated irregularly, i.e., in certain unequivocal parcels of energy called 'quanta'.

We have to remember that radio waves are utilized for correspondence like radio. Radio waves are communicated effectively through the air. They don't cause harm whenever consumed by the human body, and they can be reflected to alter their bearing. These properties make them ideal for correspondences.