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Main constituents of coal gas are:
A) \[{H_2}O,{C_2}{H_6},{O_2}\]
B) \[C{H_4},C{O_2},{O_2}\]
C) \[C{H_4},{H_2},CO\]
D) \[{C_2}{H_6},{N_2},{O_2}\]

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Hint: Coal gas is a gaseous form of fuel produced by using coal distillation, and the main component of the primary coal gas is methane and hydrogen gas. Coal gas is flammable gaseous fuel.

Complete answer:
Coal gas or gaseous mixture consists of hydrogen, methane and carbon monoxide formed by the destructive distillation i.e, (continuous heating in absence of air) of bituminous coal and used as a source of fuel.
Sometimes steam is added to react with the red hot coal, thus increasing the production of gas. Gas from every of those can be appropriate for the manufacturing of power. Using coal gas for power in the form of electricity and heat (through combustion) facilitates preventing emissions to the environment and offers a beneficial form of resources.
The predominant component of the primary coal seam gas is methane gas in a concentration of 95 % the gas formation during the geo-chemical conversion of natural materials to coal (i.e, carbonisation). Coal gas is present as liberated gas in fissures, faults and as adsorbed gas at the interior surface of the coal and rock.
Fossil fuels include oil, coal, and natural gas, and nowadays they deliver more than 80% of our power requirements, showing the proper dependence of the humans on it. However, they're now no longer renewable sources of power and heat.

Therefore the correct answer is option C.\[C{H_4},{H_2},CO\]

Note: Methane is the fundamental and main constituent of coal gas. Methane is a basically a synthetic compound with the substance formula \[C{H_4}\] also called Marsh gas.