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Lung fluke is
A. Paragonimus westermani
B. Schistosoma mansoni
C. Fasciola indica
D. Fasciolopsis buski

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Hint: In the options, species of different flukes is given i.e., Liver fluke, Blood fluke, Intestine fluke and Lung fluke. You have to crack which one is the species of lung fluke.

Complete answer:
To answer this question you should know that lung fluke is the fluke which infects the lungs of humans and causes infection.

All the options given above are species so let's start with the last option.
> Fasciolopsis buski. It is a fluke which is found in the intestine or you can say it is the largest intestinal fluke which infects the intestine. But in the question lung fluke is asked. So, this cannot be the correct option.

> Moving to option C which is Fasciola indica. It is known as liver fluke which infects the liver tissue of mammals which includes humans too and the condition is known as fascioliasis. It is a genus of parasitic trematodes. Since in the question lung fluke is asked but this is one the liver fluke so this is also not the correct option.

> Next one is Schistosoma mansoni, It is commonly called as Blood fluke. It is a water borne parasite which belongs to the group of blood flukes. The adult lives in the blood vessels around the human intestine and it causes intestinal schistosomiasis. This option is also not the correct one as it is a blood fluke not a lung fluke.

> The first option A is Paragonimus westermani which is the major species of lung flukes and these infect the lungs of humans and cause paragonimiasis. This infection comes by eating raw or lightly cooked crab which carry immature flakes. So, this option is correct and Lung fluke is Paragonimus westermani.

Hence, The correct answer is option (A).

Note: The lung fluke infection occurs if crabs and crayfish are eaten raw or lightly cooked. So, the intermediate hosts are crabs and crayfish. It infects a wide variety of mammalian hosts throughout the eastern Asia. This parasitic worm causes paragonimiasis. Paragonimus westermani is the major species of the lung flukes.