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Loreal pit of Vipers is
A. Thermoreceptor
B. Gaustatoreceptor
C. Photoreceptor
D. Phonoreceptor

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: There is a variety of organisms on this planet. Some like snakes just crawl as they do not have legs to walk or run. Snakes are one of the oldest and dangerous reptiles. Their body mechanism has various receptors which will help them to sense certain dangers. Loreal pit vipers have sensors on their head that detect temperature.

Complete answer:
Vipers are crotaline snakes. They have the characteristic feature of eye slits which makes them different from other snakes as they have round iris. The loreal pit is a depression or fossa in the head of pit vipers. It is located behind the nostril and the centre of each eye. It is guarded by lacunar scales as the loreal pit exits into a sensitive infrared detecting organ. It helps in maintaining the temperature of the body. The loreal pit acts as a thermoreceptor as a result of which it is sensitive to the temperature. The loreal pit is bordered by lacunal scales. It also functions as part of a thermal regulating system, enabling pit vipers to maintain their body temperature.
i. Gaustatoreceptor: They are touch-sensitive receptors. They are the chemoreceptors used for detecting non-volatile compounds.
ii. Photoreceptor: These are receptors that have a sensitivity to light. It is present in green plants as it helps to absorb sunlight.
iii. Phonoreceptor: These are receptor sensitivity to sound or vibrations.
Hence, the correct answer is Option (A).

Note: Pit vipers are native to deserts, forests throughout the world. They may lay eggs or can also produce young ones. They can be terrestrial, aquatic or even arboreal. It has venomous bites which can cause infections and death. They have almost 190 species existing on Earth.