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List four advantages of vegetative propagation.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Vegetative propagation is defined as the formation of new plants from the vegetative parts of the plants like leaves, roots, stems, buds, etc. It is mainly of two types, natural and artificial. Both the artificial and natural techniques are used in propagation of ornamental, medicine, horticultural, agricultural and other economically important plants.

Complete answer:
There are three methods of vegetative propagation namely cutting, grafting and layering.
Grafting is used for:
> Better growth of varieties with poor root system.
> Growing of exotic varieties locally.
> Obtaining the quicker in less time and better yield of desired flowers and fruits .
> It is used for preparation of plants that give two or more varieties of fruits and flowers.
Some advantages of vegetative propagation includes :-
> Seedless Plants: Vegetative propagation is the only known method of multiplication of seedless plants also called as polycarpic plants, eg, Banana, Sugarcane, Pineapple, Jasmine, some varieties of Orange, Rose.
> Uniform Yield: Seeds and fruits are of uniform quality, and are equal in size, taste and aroma.
> Genetic Uniformity: Vegetative propagation gives a genetically uniform population that is every organism has genetic similarity.
> Good Qualities: Good qualities and better survival adaptability of a variety can be maintained indefinitely.
> Survival Rate: Survival rate of the daughters is nearly 100% as natural selection favours it while in case of seed grown plants, it is 1- 10%.
> Quicker Method: Vegetatively reproduced plants bear flowers and fruits earlier and more fastly than the plants raised through seeds. Potato requires only three months for forming a new crop if raised from tubers. It takes 15 months if raised from seeds.
> Introduction in New Areas: In areas where seed germination fails to form mature plants, vegetative reproduction can help in establishing the plants.

Note: Vegetative propagation also includes some disadvantages:
> Overcrowding. Vegetative propagation causes overcrowding that is more production of progeny and hence severe competition.
> Vegetative Propagules. They cannot be stored for long and they will become sterile.