Why is the law of segregation also called the law of purity?

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Hint: Law of segregation or law of purity of the gametes was discovered by the Mendel, It got this name because, during the formation gametes, the alleles separated and enters the gametes, where this separation doesn’t affect another allele, which is called by above terms.

Complete answer:
- Mendel did a lot of research to discover the inheritance.
- Inheritance is nothing but the process of how the genetic material transfers from the parents to offspring.
- In order to identify this he done lot of experiments and testcross, based on the results of those experiments, he proposed so many laws

Laws proposed by the Mendel are
- Law of dominance
- Law of segregation.
- Law of independent assortment.

- Among this Law of segregation has some more names, they are the law of purity of the gametes, and it is also called Mendel’s third law of inheritance
- In this phenomenon, during cell division, the gametes got separated, only the gametes use to enters the offspring’s, hence it is said to be Mendel’s third law of inheritance
- As only one allele enters the parents during segregation, it is either a dominant or recessive allele, so it is called a law of purity of gametes.
- The main aims of Mendel's experiments is that
- To determine whether the alleles are always recessive and to identify is that alleles affect each other while they are inherited and also to know that the traits or alleles could be transformed by the DNA.

Note: Among all the laws proposed by the Mendel, the law of segregation is the only law that was universally accepted without any exceptions, as this law states that during the formation of the gametes, the traits are segregated, and later they are united in the time of fertilization.