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What is latent heat and how is it important in the atmosphere?

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Hint:We know heat is a form of energy. It is measured in Joules. The heat moves from one body to another and the direction of the flow of heat is determined by the temperature. The heat always moves from the body at higher temperature to the body at lower temperature. Also, because of the heat only change in the phase of the substance takes place. Water usually exists in three states and it changes its state either by gaining or losing heat.

Complete answer:
Latent heat is defined as the energy absorbed or released during the change in the phase of the substance. When a body changes its state, its temperature remains constant. Latent heat plays a very important role in the atmosphere. This is the factor that finds its place during the formation of convective clouds and thus the stability of the atmosphere.

At the point when latent heat is taken or given out, it produces instability in the climate, conceivably delivering extreme climate. The change in latent heat adjusts the temperature of ridiculously into contact with hotter or cooler air. Thus, latent heat causes air to move, creating wind and vertical movement of air masses.

Note:During the change of phase latent heat is used in either breaking the existing bonds or in the formation of new bonds among the molecules. Thus, the heat is used entirely for the change of state. Hence, the temperature of the body remains constant. There are broadly two types of latent heat- latent heat of fusion and latent heat of vaporization. Latent heat of fusion refers to the heat consumed or given out when matter melts. Latent heat of vaporization refers to the heat consumed or gi9ven out when matter changes from liquid to gaseous state.