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α-keratin is a protein present in
A. Blood
B. Skin
C. Lymph
D. Eggs

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Hint: Proteins are the basic important component of the living cells. Proteins are large molecules which are complex and participate in structural, functional and regulation of the tissues and organs of the body. These are composed of the number of amino acids which are of 20 different types. The protein’s structure and function are determined by the arrangement of amino acids.

Complete Answer:
Let us find the correct answer:
Option A- Blood: Proteins present in the blood are in the form of antibodies. These are formed against the antigen that enters into the body in order to protect the body and provide immunity to the body.

Option B- Skin: Proteins present in the skin are in the form of keratin. It provides rigidity to the skin and acts as a protective barrier. It is found in hair, nails, horns, claws etc. It is composed of keratinocytes in the layer of the epidermis.

Option C- Lymph: Lymph is composed of proteins, water, lipids, white blood cells and other substances. The proteins present in the lymph carry the proteins to the bloodstream.

Option D- Eggs: Eggs are composed of proteins such as ovalbumin in majority along with ovotransferrin, ovomucoid and other flavoproteins. It contains 13 grams of proteins, low carbohydrates, and low calories.

Thus, the correct option is option B- Skin.

Note: Some other examples of proteins in the body are enzymes like pepsin, lysozyme etc, messenger proteins, a structural component in muscles like actin and myosin, hormones like growth hormone, insulin etc, haemoglobin as transport proteins etc. Other components in the skin are collagen, elastin, melanocytes, Langerhans cells and types of keratins other than alpha keratin.