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Kanha national park is located in and famous for
A) Madhya pradesh, Tiger
B) Madhya pradesh, Elephant
C) Odisha, Elephant
D) Assam, Tiger

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Hint: Kanha national park also called Kanha– Kisli National Park, is one of the largest national parks. Nowadays, it’s area is divided into two protected areas, Hallon and Banjar.

Complete Answer:
- Kanha National Park was made on 1 June 1955.
- Kanha park in use for conservation purposes is known as a National park
- It is reserved for natural, semi-natural, or developed land that a sovereign state declares or owns.
- Flora and fauna are given immense support in such areas and reserved for over 1000 species of flowering plants.
- Currently, in India, 166 national parks are present.
- Kanha park is situated in Madhya Pradesh and reserved for tigers in India.
- It is also known as the Kanha tiger reserve.

So, the corrected answer is Madhya Pradesh, Tiger.

Additional information:
- This national park is the type IN SITU method of conservation of wild animals and their homes.
- National park is defined as the tract of land which is reserved and properly maintained for animals by the government.
- In the national parks like cultivation, plantation and grazing and other things like that are not allowed.
- Jim Corbett was the first national park in India.
- There are certain advantages of in situ conservation: Maintaining the endemic populations, maintaining the genetic diversity of present species and preventing entering of exotic species.

Note: Kanha national park is famous for the Tiger but other animals are reserved in this park like Panther, boar, deer, black duck, nilgai, peafowl, and crocodile etc.