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Jaundice is a disorder of
A. Circulatory system
B. Excretory system
C. Skin and eyes
D. Digestive system

Last updated date: 14th Jun 2024
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Hint: Jaundice is also known as icterus. Jaundice is a type of fever in which the colour of eyes and skin turns yellow.

Complete Answer:
- Bilirubin is a waste material that remains in the bloodstream. This yellow colour is caused due to the high level of a yellow-orange bile pigment called bilirubin.
- Bile is secreted by the liver. It is a disorder of the digestive system. The colour of skin and eyes depend on the levels of bilirubin present.

Conditions that can cause jaundice:
- Inflammation of the bile duct: Inflammation of bile duct prevents the secretion of bile and removal of bilirubin. So, concentration of bilirubin rises, hence causing jaundice.
- Obstruction of bile duct: Due to the Obstruction of bile duct bilirubin cannot be disposed of from the liver and hence cause jaundice.
- Hemolytic anemia: Hemolytic anemia is a condition when large quantities of red blood cells are broken down. Due to this condition production of bilirubin increases and hence causes jaundice.
- Gilbert’s syndrome: It is an inherited syndrome. It impairs the ability of enzymes to process the excretion of bile.

Symptoms of jaundice:
Yellow colour of skin and eyes
Pale stools
Dark yellow coloured urine
Abdominal pain
Weight loss.

Treatment: There is no specific treatment for jaundice. Treatment can be done by knowing a cause of jaundice.
- The jaundice caused by the hemolytic anemia can be treated by boosting the amount of iron in the blood. It can be done by taking supplements of iron or eating iron-rich food.
- If the jaundice is hepatitis induced then its treatment requires antiviral or steroid medications.
- Obstruction induced jaundice can be treated by removing the obstruction surgically.
Hence, it has been clear from the above discussion that jaundice is the disorder of Digestive system.

So, the option D is the right answer for this question.

Note: Jaundice can be prevented by eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and not consuming too much amount of alcohol.