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IUPAC the symbol of atomic number ${\text{119}}$.
A) ${\text{Uuh}}$
B) ${\text{Uun}}$
C) ${\text{Uue}}$
D) ${\text{Uub}}$

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The naming ${\text{IUPAC}}$ system gives name to an element according to its atomic number. As the atomic number of an element is given ${\text{119}}$ one can use this data for the correct interpretation of the answer.

Complete step by step answer:
1) For the naming of elements the ${\text{IUPAC}}$ system rule is followed. For the elements which have an atomic number more than hundred there are separate rules for the naming of those compounds based on their atomic number.
2) The ${\text{IUPAC}}$ system rules for elements having atomic number more than hundred are as follows:
i) In the atomic number the number one stands as ‘Un’ for each number one.
ii) The numbers nine stands as the ‘en’.
iii) At last after all the numbers the name completes with a suffix ‘ium’
3) Therefore, the atomic number ${\text{119}}$ will show as $1 - $Un, $1 - $Un, $9 - $en and the whole name will be Ununennium.
4) The name Ununennium stands for the symbol ${\text{Uue}}$ for the atomic number ${\text{119}}$ which shows the option C as a correct choice of answer.

So, the correct answer is Option C.

Additional information:
The element Ununennium is also known as eka-francium or element ${\text{119}}$ which is the hypothetical chemical element that is denoted by the symbol ${\text{Uue}}$ in the periodic table. The names Ununennium and ${\text{Uue}}$ are the temporary systematic names in the ${\text{IUPAC}}$ system respectively and these names will be used until the properties of the element are discovered.

Note: In the periodic table of the elements this element is expected to be an S block element which is an alkali metal. This is the first element which is the alkali metal S block element and placed in the eighth period.