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Last updated date: 27th Nov 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

It is the largest family of dicots.
A) Malvaceae
B) Compositae
C) Ranunculaceae
D) Cruciferae

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Hint:It is the largest family of dicot plants having about 13 subfamilies, over 1900 genera and over 32000 species. It is cosmopolitan and is found everywhere except Antarctica and the extreme Arctic. Examples include sunflower,lettuce,Chrysanthemum, Dahlia

Complete Answer:
Compositae or Asteraceae is the largest dicot family among angiosperms. It comprises about 13 subfamilies, over 1900 genera and over 32000 currently accepted species. Compositae is called so because of its characteristic inflorescence, composite type . Examples include sunflower,lettuce,Chrysanthemum, Dahlia and many more.

Additional information:The family is also called Asteraceae because the word master means star in Greek referring to the appearance of some family members as a star surrounded by rays. The petals or sun rays in a sunflower head are actually individually strap-shaped called gray flowers and the sundisk is made of smaller circular shaped individual flowers called disc flowers.

The correct option is B i.e. Compositae.

Note:This family is commonly known as Daisy family meaning day's eye. It is called so because the petals of the plants belonging to this family open at dawn and close at dawn.
The plants of this family are having great economic importance. Some are used as food crops like lettuce,chicory,sunflower. Some are used as herbs in herbal teas and beverages like Calendula ( known as pot marigold) are grown for commercial purposes.
Some plants are used as ornamental crops like Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Calendula etc. while some plants have parasiticidal properties and thus used as traditional antiparasitic medicine.