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What isotopes are created when you burn potassium nitrate and sugar?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Isotopes are two or more groups of atoms with the same atomic number (number of protons in their nuclei) and periodic table location (and hence belong to the same chemical element), but vary in nucleon numbers (mass numbers) due to differing numbers of neutrons in their nuclei.

Complete answer:
A chemical compound is potassium nitrate. That is an alkali metal nitrate and it is an ionic salt containing potassium ions and nitrate ions. It is found in nature as a mineral called niter. It is a nitrogen source, and nitrogen was named after niter.
Sugar is the general term for sweet-tasting, soluble carbohydrates, the majority of which are used in cooking. Sucrose, also known as table sugar, granulated sugar, or daily sugar, is a disaccharide consisting of glucose and fructose. Glucose, fructose, and galactose are examples of simple sugars, also known as monosaccharides.
Isotopes are the properties of elements that are NOT altered by chemical alteration.
When we burn sugar in the presence of potassium nitrate, we may represent the reaction as...
 $ {\text{NO}}_3^ - + {e^ - } + 2{{\text{H}}^ + } \to {\text{N}}{{\text{O}}_2} + {{\text{H}}_2}{\text{O}} $
Sugar is oxidised as $ {C_6}{H_{12}}{O_6} + 12{H_2}O \to 6C{O_2} + 6{H_2}O + 24{H^ + } + 24{e^ - } $
 $ \underbrace {24NO_3^ - + 24{H^ + }}_{{\text{nitric acid }}} + {C_6}{H_{12}}{O_6} \to 24N{O_2} + 18{H_2}O + 6C{O_2} $
SO it can be written as
 $ 24HN{O_3} + {C_6}{H_{12}}{O_6} \to 24N{O_2} + 18{H_2}O + 6C{O_2} $
Hence it can be evident that no new isotope is formed.

Rocket Candy, also known as R-Candy, is a model rocket propellant manufactured of sugar as a fuel and containing an oxidizer. The propellant is made up of three parts: the liquid, the oxidizer, and the additive(s). Historically, sucrose was the most widely used petrol. Because of its ease of production, sorbitol is commonly used in modern formulations. Potassium nitrate is the most commonly used oxidizer. Potassium nitrate is most commonly used in stump removal products. Additives may be a variety of compounds that serve as catalysts or improve the aesthetics of the lift off or flight.