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_______ is used to pull from a well.
(A) Pulley
(B) Lever
(C) Gears
(D) None of the above

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Hint : We know that we use rope and cables to pull out the bucket from the well. try to think which simple machine is used with rope or cable.

Complete step by step answer
From the questions and options, we know from the questions that a simple machine is required to move the water from the well.
We know that a rope or a cable is used to pull the bucket from the well, but using only rope and bucket to pull out water from the well requires too much energy.
In a simple machine like pulley, lever and gears, we apply force at one point; it produces force at another point. Let us understand pulley first; a pulley is a type of wheel in which there is a groove for a rope, cable or strings. It is used to change the direction of the force.
Second is the lever, it is a bar that is free to turn around about a fixed point. A force is applied on one end side and the output is obtained on the other side. For example, a seesaw is a common example of a lever.
Third is gears, it is a component which is used to transmit power from one gear to another gear or another device. It also transfers rotational speed and changes torque depending on the size of the gears that are connected with each other.
Hence, pulley is used to pull from the well. When you apply a pull the rope in downward direction, the bucket filled with water moves upwards.

In a simple machine, we apply a force (input) at one place. We obtain the force (output) at another place. It is used to make the work easier. Examples of simple machines are lever, pulley, gears, screw, hydraulic press etc.