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______ is the most important occupation of the people in the Monsoon lands.
A. Forestry
B. Agriculture
C. Industry
D. Mining

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Occupation is your work or the way you spend your time or one country having a military force in another. An example of a profession is whether you are a doctor or a lawyer. The US retains military troops in Iraq in order to retain control and order is an example of the occupation.

Complete answer:
Agriculture is Monsoon lands' most significant profession. Many of the monsoon forest was cleared to sustain the dense population for agriculture. Subsistence farming is the main occupation, agriculture is Indian subcontinent's dominant occupation. Agriculture is a major part of the Indian economy and the livelihood of Indian farmers is largely dependent on Monsoon rainfall. 70% of the Indian population is either directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture.

Option A. Forestry - The study of forestry includes studying about forests and woodlands with their development process. Madhya Pradesh is best known for the largest forest area. Therefore, this option is incorrect.

Option B. Agriculture - Agriculture requires plenty of water and that is why it is most famous in the Monsoon areas. Therefore, this option is correct.

Option C. Industry - It is a large-scale enterprise, or a form of production or commerce. An example of industry is the iron ore mining business. This is not done in Monsoon areas. Therefore, this option is correct.

Option D. Mining - Mining is the extraction, generally, from the ore body, lode, venum, substrate, coral, or placer of precious minerals or other geological resources from the Earth. This is particularly famous where the land is rich with minerals. Therefore, this option is incorrect..

Therefore, from the above discussion we can state that the correct option is B. Agriculture.
“ Agriculture is the most important occupation of the people in the Monsoon lands .”

Note: The term "monsoon lands" is used to describe a world's largest area that gets plenty of rainfall like Pakistan, India, Ceylon, South-East Asia, China, and Japan.