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Is hydrogen a solid, liquid or gas at room temperature.

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: Hydrogen is the lightest of all and has the atomic number as well as the mass number as 1. When present at room temperature, it occurs in the form of molecules i.e. diatomic in nature. Now with the help of this you can easily answer the given statement accordingly.

Complete answer:
First of all, let’s discuss Hydrogen. It is a non-metal which comes under the category of the s-block elements. It has the atomic number as 1and mass number as 1. It lies in the 1st group and 1st period of the periodic table and belongs to the alkali metals. It has one electron in its outermost valence shell and has a strong tendency to gain one electron to complete its valency and to acquire the nearest noble gas electronic configuration of Helium gas.
Now considering the statement as-
Hydrogen is colorless, odorless and tasteless in nature. It exists as a diatomic form i.e. in the form of gas at room temperature but at very high pressure and low temperature, it exists in the form of liquid hydrogen. And at very low temperatures i.e. at 14K, it exists in the form of solid state.
So, thus, hydrogen is a gas at room temperature.

- Hydrogen gas is a very useful gas. It is used in the rocket as fuel, for welding purposes, in the hydrogenation of fats and oils, in the fixation of nitrogen during the Haber’s process and is also used in the chemical production of the hydrochloric gas. Hydrogen also helps in the reduction of the metallic ores.