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Is a smell 'good' or 'bad' for everyone in the same way? Or does It depend on how each one feels about It?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:Smell may be a very direct sense of scent. so as for us to smell something, molecules need to come to our nose from that thing. Therefore, all we smell is giving off molecules from the thing which will be known to smell good and bad.

Complete answer:
First, we should always realize the sense of smell and its role in answering this question. It is often said that one among the five senses which humans have is that sense of smell. Regardless of this, humans have a less developed sense of smell than other mammals.

This may flow from the very fact that to measure, feed ourselves, look for partners, etc., we don't believe this sense. The most sensitive to our senses is the sense of smell. To activate the olfactory cells, just a little amount of matter is enough.

I just like the smell of tasty food, flowers, perfumes, incense sticks, cosmetic items because they're the great smell which are light and volatile that float into our nose through the air but this smell could also be irritating for the one who has an allergy from perfumes.

I don't just like the smell of dead and decaying things, gutter, drains, smell from urinals, trash etc because they're funky, fusty, and unsightly but this smell could also be good for microorganisms that feed there. so a smell could also be good or bad counting on the individual.

Note:The sense of smell features a direct access to our memory and our emotions. There are definitely many circumstances, locations or entities to which we attribute certain odours and, within the same manner, these odours easily lead us to recall an equivalent stimulus. Combined with our ability to attach stimuli, our susceptibility to detecting odours gives our sense of smell a transparent reference to our memory. We could also be hungry by the scent of bread from a bakery, the coffee smell reminds us of breakfast or work and thus there are infinitely many links between various smells and memories.