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Initially, classification of living things done was as
a. Plants
b. Animals
c. Monera
d. Both A and B

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Hint: Before moving ahead let’s have an eye fixed on some data. The term living things tell North American nations regarding any organism or a living kind that possesses the characteristics of life or survival. An object is Associate in Nursing organized structure. It might be one-celled like a microorganism cell, or multicellular like animals and plants that are created from many cells.

Complete answer:
Initially, living things were classified as a plant or Associate in Nursing animals. whereas each plant and animal are eukaryotic, each is distinguished and supports their shaping characteristics. as an example, mode of nutrition, cellular options etc.

Basically, animals reside organisms that are motile and heterotrophic whereas plants are people who are non-motile, chemical action, and have a cytomembrane. However, bacteria are neither plants nor animals chiefly as a result of they're prokaryotes.

The bacterium and archaea contain solely one-celled organisms. Each archaea and bacteria have cell walls; however their cell walls are created from completely different materials.

The classification of living things includes seven levels namely: kingdom, phylum, classes, order, families, genes and species.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Note: Living organisms are classified into plant kingdom and animal kingdom. The term object is described by someone as vital for multifariousness, and United Nations agency is connected to living things. They connected the domain to the classification theme Linnean. The empire may be a taxon larger than the dominion itself. 3 ordinary domains are found: Archaea, bacteria and Eukarya.