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Inexhaustible resources are:
(a) Not going to finish
(b) Will finish
(c) Will renewed
(d) None of these

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The resources which cannot be finished by the human activities are known as inexhaustible resources. These are the resources which are found on earth in abundant amounts.

Complete Step by step answer: inexhaustible resources are also known as renewable resources. These are the resources which are replenished by nature again and again and impossible to exhaust by human beings. Examples of inexhaustible resources are: wind , water, sunlight etc. Inexhaustible resources are naturally occurring resources means these are the type of resources which are produced by nature not by human beings. The use of these resources by human beings are eco friendly for nature means these resources do not cause any type of pollution to nature.
We can use these resources in many ways such as for producing electricity from wind energy,solar energy, geothermal energy etc. Wind energy is produced by the air. Solar energy is produced by the sunlight. Hydrothermal energy is produced by the water. Due to the abundance of these resources, these resources are very cheap and reachable to every human being. Hence we can say that inexhaustible resources are the kind of resources which are not going to finish in future as they are recreated or regenerated by nature itself.
Therefore the correct option is (a).

Note: The main difference between inexhaustible and exhaustible resources are that exhaustible resources are the resources which can be exhausted over a period of time like coal , petroleum etc. These resources are present in nature in limited amounts and can be used wisely for future use.