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How to increase the mechanical advantage of a third class lever?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint : Believer is a machine that consists of a bar or plane pivoting on a fulcrum, lever have three main parts. load, fulcrum and the effort. The load is the object that is to be moved, the fulcrum is the point of which the liver pivots. The effort is the force that is used to move the lever.
Third class lever:-
In a third class lever the effort is between the load and the fulcrum. Some examples of the third class lever include fishing rod, cricket bats and chopsticks. Third class levers are different from first and second class levers.

Complete solutions:-
By decreasing the distance between the effort and load point in class 3 lever, the fulcrum is at one end, load point is at the other end and effort point lies in between the two. The effort arm is less the load arm
\[{\text{MA = }}\dfrac{{{\text{Effort arm}}}}{{{\text{Load arm}}}} \prec {\text{1}}\]\[{\text{MA = }}\dfrac{{{\text{Effort arm}}}}{{{\text{Load arm}}}} \prec {\text{1}}\]
To increase the MA the effort arm must be made to approach as close as it possible to the load arm. This is done by moving the effort point closer to the load point.

Additional information:-
A machine is a device that does work; most machines consist of a number of elements such as gear and ball bearing that work together in a complex way. No matter how complex they are all machines are based in some way on the size of the liver. The wheel and the pulley.

The purpose of class 3 lever is a velocity multiplier by increasing the MA of it the purpose is different only for force multiplier machine would want to increase the MA, for this purpose one either use the class 2 liver or class 1 lever