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In which stage of meiosis I does synapsis occurs?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Meiosis in which single cell partitions twice to form four new cells containing a hereditary information in half amount of the actual . These cells are known as sex cells; sperm in males and eggs in females. During meiosis, one cell divides twice for the formation of four daughter cells.

Complete answer:In meiosis I, synapsis arrangement takes place at zygotene stage of prophase-I. It is the second phase of prophase-I. During this stage, chromosomes begin to join; this is called synapsis. Such chromosomes are called homologous chromosomes. This synapsis takes place by the arrangement of synaptonemal complexes framed by bivalent or quadruplicate chromosomes.

Note: When homologous chromosomes synapse, their closures are first joined to the nuclear envelope. At that point, the med point of chromosomes are joint and associated with a protein-RNA complex called the synaptonemal complex.