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In which session of Indian National Congress a resolution of supporting the movements of the princely states was passed?
A)Lahore Session in 1929
B)Haripura Session in 1938
C)Kolkata Session in 1911
D)Kanpur Session in 1925

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Hint: The support of the princely states was passed after announcing the demand for Purna Swaraj in the Lahore session of 1929.

Complete answer:
The princely states were two fifths part of British India. Therefore, an ultimate freedom from the British would include supporting them too.

After claiming Purna Swaraj in the Lahore Session of 1929,the Congress turned its attention towards the princely states and noticed that they were burdened with high land taxes, non protection of civil liberties and remained aloof from the development occurring in the rest of India pertaining to education, transport and communication. Therefore, in 1938, in the 51st Congress Session, in the Haripura Session conducted in the Village of Haripura, it was demanded that the princely states be supported.

Therefore, the ulterior motive of Purna Swaraj became clearer and thus could be achieved strongly post this session. The independence of princely states was announced by Nehru as one of the goals to attain Purna Swaraj. This facilitated the political infrastructure to further the goal of attaining freedom.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B)

Note: It is important to know the basic tenets of each Congress Session as it helps in answering the question. The 1938 Haripura Session mainly resolved to clear the conflicts faced by the princely states to further the process of attaining Swaraj.