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In which region of India was the Suhrawardi order of Sufism popular?
A)Delhi and Bihar
B)Delhi and Doab region
C)Punjab and Sind
D)Around Ajmer

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Hint: Sheikh Bahuddin Zakariya has founded the Suhrawardi Order of Sufism. Shaikh Shihabuddin Suharwardi and Hamiduddin Nagory were the other popular saints of this order.

Complete answer:
Punjab and Sindh were the region of India where the Suharawdi order of Sufism was popular.Shaykh Abu al Najib was the founder of the Suharawdi order(1097-1168).At the beginning of the nineteenth century,Shaykh Bahauddin had established this order on the subcontinent.In Bengal the Suharawdi order has gained popularity.
It had declined in Multan after the death of Shaikh Ruknuddin but in other states like Gujarat,Punjab,Kashmir,Uch and Delhi it became popular.With the arrival of Sufis to Maner Sharif,this order has become popular in Bengal.

Shafi'i madhab guided the Suhrawardiyya order which is a strictly Sunni order.The origination of Suhrawardiyya order is Iraq but in India it had been succeeded to take shape as a fraternity with its infrastructure.In this order many sufis from all over India had joined.
al-TalwEIEt(The book of Intimations), al-MEq wamEt(The book of Opposites), al-MulEralET(The Book of Conversations), and finally hikmat al-IshrEq (The Philosophy of Illumination) were the four large treatises of a philosophical nature wrote by Suhrawardi.
A number of treatises of a purely exotic nature were also written by Suhrawardi in Persian.There are also a number of treatises of a philosophic and initiatic nature according to S.H. Nasr.His books were translated into many other languages later.An original Platonic critique of the dominant Avicenna Peripateticism of the time in the fields of logic, physics, epistemology, psychology, and metaphysics were provided by Suhrawardi.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: There is a difference between Chishti and Suhrawardi is that the gift accepted by Suhrawardi is from the rich class and the Chishti order mainly focuses on a simple life with limited means.The two principle centres of its activity in India is Multan and Uch.In the Gangetic plains it could not secure any permanent footing.In delhi and Awadh,a few Suhrawardi saints decided to settle.