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In which part of the plant, the rate of respiration is higher?
A) Root and stem tip
B) Buds
C) Germinating seeds
D) All of the above.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:In plants, every part of the plants participates in the process of respiration, unlike human beings. Rate of respiration may vary according to the requirement. Higher rates of the respiration can be observed in the parts which are actively growing or which have high metabolic rates.

Complete answer:
Respiration is the process of exchange of gases by an organism with the environment. In the case of plants, they intake the $CO_2$ and release $O_2$ in the atmosphere. Respiration helps in maintaining the optimum amount of gases in the atmosphere and helps in the biogeochemical cycles.

Respiration helps in synthesizing food, providing energy to perform other biological and chemical processes. Respiration is a catabolic process and it needs cytochrome for electron transportation.
This involves meristematic tissues, growing tips of the plants or growing roots, and buds which also leads to the formation of new branches in the plant.

Stems of the plants which have green pigment known as chlorophyll, also perform respiration. In stem respiration gases diffuse through the stomata. Example of stem respiration is lenticels. In given options, roots and stem tip, buds and germinating seeds all are growing tissues thus the rate of respiration is equal and the correct option is option ‘D’.

Hence the correct answer is option ‘D’.

Note:Respiration not only involves exchange of gases only but at cellular level it is a complex process and helps in the production of the organic matter from the inorganic matter present in the atmosphere and provides food for the plants and other living organisms with the help of photosynthesis.