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In which of the following parts of mitochondria, succinic dehydrogenase enzyme is located?
A) Outer membrane
B) Inner membrane
C) Peri Mitochondrial space
D) Matrix

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Hint:The mitochondria is a membrane bound organelle that is present in almost all eukaryotes. It is required in the production of ATP which serves as the principle source of energy, which is why mitochondria is also known as the powerhouse of the cell.

Complete answer:
The mitochondria consists of other parts except the inner and outer membranes. These are- intermembrane space, cristae or matrix. The outer membrane comprises different enzymes such as ligase, cytochrome reductase and monoamine oxidase. The intermembrane space also known as the peri mitochondrial space contains the protein cytochrome c and other small ions and molecules that migrate from the outer membrane. The inner membrane contains proteins that are involved in electron transport chain, ATP synthesis and also some transport proteins. The cristae increase the surface area of the inner mitochondrial membrane and thus enhances the ability of the mitochondria to produce ATP. The matrix is the space that is very rich in proteins and also enzymes. It also comprises the mitochondrial ribosome, mitochondrial genome as well as tRNA and carries out a citric acid cycle. Succinic dehydrogenase is an enzyme that is involved in the citric acid cycle and thus is located in the matrix.

Hence the correct answer is option (D) Matrix.

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