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In the zoological name of fish Catla catla, the specific name is identical with the generic name, thus it is an example of______
A. Autonym
B. Tautonym
C. Synonym
D. Homonym

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Hint: Catla is known as South Asian carp. It is a very large fish extensively used as food in South East Asia. Indian fish Catla Catla is often cultivated in ponds and attains a length of 6 feet. It is native to rivers of Northern India.

Complete answer:
To solve this question, we must know about the taxonomy and naming of organisms.
According to biological nomenclature, the organisms are named in terms of generic name followed by the species name. For example Homo sapiens where Homo is the genus name and sapiens is the species name. The different types of naming are

Autonym- They are the biological names which are generated automatically. They may or may not appear in print publication.

Tautonyms – It is a scientific name in which both the generic name and the species name are the same. For example Catla catla.
Synonym -It is a scientific name which is applicable to a taxon which goes by a different scientific name. Few names which are used today are the synonyms of the name given by Linneus.
Homonym- It is a scientific name for a taxon which has identical spelling to another name which belongs to a different taxon.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B)

Note: Taxonomy is the branch of naming, classification and describing organisms. The binomial nomenclature of all the species are written in Latin. The name of the genus starts with the capital letter and that of species with small letters.