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In the given word “Felidae”, it is the........of the tiger having the generic name Felis.

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Hint: The scientific name of tiger is Panthera tigris. Tiger belongs to the kingdom Animalia. It is a mammal which is closely related to cheetah, cats, and leopards. Felidae includes 36 different species ranging from domestic cat to lion. The species of Felidae are not found in Australia and Antarctica.

Complete answer:
To solve this question, we must know about the word Felidae.
Felidae is a family of cats. A family is a taxa which includes closely related genera. The members of the same family have similar common features. The Tiger belongs to the family

Felidae which is closely related to other members like leopard, cats etc.
Genus is the group of closely related species which have similar character. Tiger, leopard, and lion are closely related species belonging to Genus Panthera.
Class- It is a taxonomic rank which comprises closely related order. The class in which the tiger belongs is called Mammalia.
Order- It is a taxonomic rank which includes closely related family. The order in which the tiger belongs is carnivora.

Hence, the correct answer is option (C)

Note: The name of the family ends with the suffix –‘idae’ in animal and “aceae” in plants to the generic name. The family of an organism lies in between genus and order. Some families of the order carnivore are Felidae, Canidae etc.