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In sugar solution:
(1) Sugar is solute, water is solvent
(2) Sugar is solvent, water is solute
(3) Both are solutes
(4) Both are solvents.

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Hint: Before answering this question, we should know what is a solution. The homogeneous mixture in which two or more components are mixed where the particle size is less than 1 nm, is known as a solution. Solutions are the combination of two things i.e a solvent and a solute.

Complete step by step solution:
Solvent- The substance which dissolves the other substance is known as a solvent. It is a part of a solution that is there in the greatest amount. Mostly, the solvent is liquid. The liquid in which the solute is dissolved in the solvent. For example- water is known as the universal solvent because it can dissolve most matters.
Solute- The substance which dissolves in the solvent is known as solute. The amount of solute is less as compared to that of solvent. The mixture of salt and water is an example in which salt is the solute and water is the solvent. It has various forms, it can be present in the form of a gas, liquid, or solid.
When sugar is mixed in water with the help of heat, it forms a sugar syrup in which water is the solvent and sugar is the solute.
So, Option (1) Sugar is solute, water is solvent is correct.

Note: Properties of solution:
Some of the properties of a solution are-
They are homogeneous in nature.
The substances in it are very small and have a diameter smaller than 1 nm.
The substances are not seen by naked eyes.
Filtration cannot be used to separate the components of a mixture.