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In roots, the pericycle give rise to:
A) Lateral roots & cork cambium
B) Cortex & pith
C) Xylem & phloem
D) Epidermis & vascular bundles

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Hint:Pericycle is a primary tissue of plant roots and is the site for the initiation of lateral roots and two secondary meristems, the vascular cambium and cork cambium (phellogen).

Complete answer:
Pericycle is an essential tissue that keeps up meristematic action and is associated with lateral root initiation and development just as in secondary root development. As such it adds to arrangement and formation of the root system and gives rise to two secondary meristems in roots: vascular cambium and cork cambium (phellogen).

The pericycle is a chamber of parenchyma or sclerenchyma cells which are situated between the endodermis and phloem in plant roots. In dicot stems, it is arranged around the ring of vascular groups in the stele.

In spite of the fact that it is made out of non-vascular parenchyma cells, it's actually viewed as a feature of the vascular cylinder since it emerges from the procambium as do the vascular tissues it surrounds.

In eudicots, it additionally has the ability to produce lateral roots. Branch roots emerge from this primary meristem tissue. In plants going through secondary development, the pericycle adds to the vascular cambium frequently diverging into a cork cambium.

In angiosperms certain molecules inside the endodermis and the surrounding vasculature are shipped off to the pericycle which advances the growth of the root meristems.
Function of pericycle:
-In dicot roots, the pericycle strengthens the roots and protects the vascular bundles.
-In dicot root, the vascular cambium is secondary in origin, and it grows from a part of pericycle tissue.
-The pericycle controls the formation of lateral roots by diving close to the xylem elements of the root.

Therefore, the correct answer is A, i.e. Lateral roots & cork cambium.

Note:Pericycle has been known to regularly be mistaken for different pieces of the plant. In any case, its ring structure permits it to be all the more effortlessly recognized.