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In India, which scale is more used for a temperature measurement?
A.Centigrade scale
B. Fahrenheit scale
C. Kelvin scale
D. None of the above

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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Hint: 1)It is a derived System International Unit.
2)It is named after its Swedish founder Anders.
3)The freezing-boiling temperature ranges from 0-100.

Complete answer:
We can utilize a temperature scale to know the hotness of a broiler. Also, a specialist utilizes a temperature scale in his thermometer to gauge the fever in his patient.
Let us assess the options and discuss the solution.
Option A. The Celsius scale is particularly being used all around the globe for business and logical estimations of temperature. In India, the Celcius scale is in wide use. It is the correct option.
Option B. In the USA, rather than the Celsius scale, the utilization of the Fahrenheit scale happens. It is an incorrect option.
Option C. Lord Kelvin built up the Kelvin scale in 1848. The determination of the Kelvin scale is from the Celsius scale as it were. Kelvin scale doesn't utilize degrees and its composing structure is as Kelvin or K. It is an incorrect option.
Celsius scale and Fahrenheit scale utilized degrees in their documentation. The premise of the Kelvin scale is on the idea of Absolute Zero. Absolute Zero is the temperature at which everything including air freezes.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A)

Note: On the Celsius scale, the freezing temperature of the water is 0-degree Celsius. Likewise, this 0-degree Celcius is a lower fixed point. Moreover, the bubbling temperature of the water is 100-degree Celsius.
This 100-degree Celcius is an upper fixed point. The division of the span between the upper and lower fixed point happens into 100 equivalent parts.