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In India, Red Panda/Ailurus fulgens is
A) Vulnerable
B) Endangered
C) Critically endangered.
D) Extinct in the wild

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Hint:For the conservation of flora and fauna, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list has set some criteria on the basis of which animals are classified into different categories. These categories are using the set of quantitative criteria to evaluate the risk of extinction of thousands of species.

Complete Answer:
 Biodiversity refers to the sum total of diversity that exists at all the levels of biological organisation. For the conservation of such enormous biodiversity and for maintaining the integrity and diversity of nature, the IUCN plays a very significant role.
According to IUCN, there are 7 categories in which species are classified on the basis of their number present on this globe. These 7 categories are:-
->Extinct in the wild
->Critically endangered
->Near threatened
->Least concern
The Red Panda is listed as endangered species on the IUCN red list because the wild population is estimated at less than 10,000 mature individuals and the numbers continue to decline.

Additional information:Endangered species are the one which are at the verge of extinction. The reasons behind their extinction are habitat loss and fragmentation, poaching and inbreeding depression. Since the Red Panda is listed as endangered species, they are protected and conserved both by in-situ as well as ex-situ conservation across the globe.

The correct option is B i.e. Endangered.

Note:Red Data Book is the compilation of the threatened species across the globe. It is published by IUCN for monitoring the degree of extinction of the species from the Earth and to know which species are at the verge of extinction ( or endangered).
There are about 505 species all over the globe that are classified under endangered species. Some examples of endangered species are giant bandicoots,sea otter, tiger, asiatic lion.