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In humans, fibrous cartilage is found abundantly in
(A) Hyaline cartilage of joints
(B) Nostrils
(C) Intervertebral discs
(D) External ear

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Hint: Cartilage is the firm tissue that is softer and also flexible in nature. They serve as the connective tissue between the bones and the joints and also at the ends of the ribs in order to reduce the frictional force and reduce the wearing of the bones.

Complete answer:
The cartilage is classified into three types as the hyaline cartilage, Fibrocartilage and the elastic cartilage. Out of which the fibrocartilage is the strongest cartilage which is the thick bundle of fibers. The fibrous cartilage consists of both the fibrous tissue and the cartilaginous tissue. The fibrous tissue is white in color and it is present in various proportions with the cartilaginous tissue.
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This type of cartilage is mainly present in the secondary cartilaginous joints, glenoid labrum in the shoulder joint, acetabular labrum in the hip joint. This is also present in the area where the tendons and the ligaments are attached to the bones. The fibrous tissue provides the flexibility of the muscles and also the toughness and the cartilaginous tissue makes the movement much elastic. This fibrous cartilaginous tissue is found in the pubic symphysis, intervertebral discs, menisci, temporomandibular joint etc. These are found abundantly in the intervertebral discs. This is the only type of the cartilage that has the type 1 collagen along with the normal type 2 collagen.

Hence the correct answer is OPTION(C)

Note: This fibrous cartilage plays an important role in the scar formation, when there is a wound in the body. These cartilages fill the torn part of the body tissue and hence they are differentiated from the normal tissue by the formation of the scars.