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In Gallus domesticus, the male is
A. Large
B. With larger comb and wattles
C. With a spur
D. All of the above

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: These include chickens. These are a large group of most domesticated fowls. The subspecies include the red jungle fowl. They are used by humans for a variety of purposes, especially for meat and eggs. These are also known by different names in different countries such as Roosters and Cocks. A female chicken is called Hen. They refer to domestic fowl.

Complete answer:
The chicken (Gallus domesticus ) is a domesticated fowl.
• These are omnivores.
• They feed on insects, seeds, and in the care, they feed on a well-prepared diet.
• Depending on the breed, the average life span varies from five to ten years.

The males can be differentiated from female based on morphological features such as-
• Males have long flowing tails with pointed feathers on the neck and back.
• The size of males is larger as compared to females.
• Males have comb (fleshy growth on head region) larger in size as compared to females.
• Males possess spur (horny protrusion used for fighting or self-defense) on their legs.
• Males also possess wattles, which are hanging flaps of skin below the chin.
• Males and females can also be distinguished based on their anatomical features.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Note: Some other important points-
• Chicken is used for poultry farming by humans all over the globe. The estimated amount is 50 billion chickens that are reared for poultry farming all over the globe per year.
• These are reared for meat and for eggs.
• They are also kept as pets.
• Artificial incubation is done in which a controlled environment is provided to the developing chick and then after hatching rearing is done.