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In frog, the pancreas produces
A. Two digestive enzymes, one hormone
B. Three digestive enzymes one hormone
C. Three digestive enzymes, two hormones
D. Three digestive enzymes, three hormones

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Pancreas of frog helps to secrete enzymes and passes into the small intestine which helps in the breakdown of food with insulin. The pancreas is the part of the frog digestive system and secretes bile which helps in the digestion of food in the small intestine. In the frog, the pancreas is made of connective tissues, lobules, and islets of Langerhans. The enzymes secreted by the pancreas help to break down different types of compounds of the food.

Complete answer:
Pancreas produces one hormone known as insulin which helps in maintaining the blood sugar level in the body of the frog. The insulin hormone is secreted by the islets of Langerhans which is present in the pancreas along with lobules and connective tissues. The pancreas secretes three types of digestive enzymes which are trypsin, amylopsin, and steapsin or lipase. Trypsin helps in breaking down peptides with the help of hydrolysis reaction into amino acid blocks. Lipase helps in the breakdown of fats into smaller compounds known as fatty acids and glycerol. Amylopsin enzyme helps to convert starch into sugars or pancreatic amylase.

Note: Pancreas is a vital organ of the digestive system and has three enzymes that perform different three functions. The three help in the breakdown of three different types of food compounds but the digestion site is the small intestine as the pancreas only secretes the digestive enzymes and sends them to the small intestine where the digestion process takes place. The pancreas is also responsible for secreting insulin hormone which is essential for the body as it maintains the blood sugar level of the frog body.