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In EEG, the waves which are quite low in frequency and having high aptitude are
A) Theta waves
B) Delta waves
C) Beta waves
D) Alpha waves

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Hint: Our brain works with the help of proper electric stimulation and it is the part of our body that involves in our every action everything we do is an instruction sent by our brain, therefore, any imbalance in the electric impulse causes very high risk. There are many diagnosis processes that have been introduced to detect such disorders.

Complete answer:
To solve this question, we have to know about the electroencephalogram test. The EEG test is a diagnosis process that involves detecting the electrical activity inside our brain by using a small metal disc that is attached to the scalp. Our brain cell communicates to each other through electric impulse that are active all time even when we are sleeping. This formation of electric impulse shows up as wavy lines in the EEG recording machine. This test is carried out for the patients suffering from epilepsy or other brain disorders. It help to detect any change in the activity of the brain, it also helpful for the detection of brain tumor, brain dysfunction like encephalopathy, brain inflammation, stroke, and sleep disorders. EEG is also helpful in confirming brain death when someone is in a coma.
Now, the waves that recorded during EEG are of different types; the alpha waves that recorded in the frequency of 8 to 13 seconds, the beta waves that recorded the frequency of more than 13 seconds, the theta waves that recorded the frequency of 4 to 7 waves per second, and the delta waves are recorded at 4 waves per second of frequency and it is also termed as slow activity but have high amplitude that means very strong signal. This wave is mostly observed in children that are upto one year old. Therefore, the waves which are quite low in frequency and having aptitude in EEG are delta waves.

Thus, the correct option is ‘B’. Delta waves.

Note: The EEG test may not have any high risk but a person with seizure disorder may face some issues because of flashing light and deep breathing during EEG, they can suffer from seizure. In such conditions the medical team has to treat the seizure to complete the test or else the result may have some errors.