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In cauliflower, the edible part is:
A) Young vegetative Bud
B) Young Inflorescence
C) Mature Inflorescence
D) Fruit

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Hint: Cauliflower is a vegetable. Flowers of cauliflower are edible flowers. It is an annual plant reproducing by seed. Usually, we eat only the head. The head of the cauliflower consists of a white Meristem inflorescence.
Edible part is part of a plant which can be eaten and has some nutritional value.

Complete Answer:
Cauliflower is one of the most abundant vegetables. Its species is 'Brassica Oleracea' in genus brassica comes from the 'Brassicaceae' family. It is a seasonal vegetable loved by everyone and it reproduces by seed.
In general words the edible part of cauliflower is the head that is mature florescence. Sometimes this edible white flesh is also called ‘curd’ because this is just similar to cheese curd.
The cauliflower head i.e. mature florescence is composed of a white inflorescence meristem. Its origin is mostly in the North East Mediterranean. Cauliflower has energy of 25kcal, carbohydrate 5gm, sugar 1.9gm, dietary fibre 2gm, fat 0.3gm and protein 1.9gm as per 100gm raw cauliflower.

So the edible part of the cauliflower from the above option is mature inflorescence.

Inflorescence a terminal paniculate raceme up to 70 cm long, when young (curd or head) composed of more or less densely arranged branching partial inflorescences and fleshy peduncles, in cauliflower up to 30 cm in diameter, very solid and globular to rather loose and flat, white to green, in broccoli less densely arranged with longer peduncles, green to purple.

Note: Along with this we can eat many other parts of cauliflower for example fleshy stalk leaves used as salad, soup etc.