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In banana plants, the type of stem and modification of stem is respectively.
(a)Rhizome and sucker
(b)Sucker and rhizome
(c)Rhizome and corn
(d)Rhizome and stolon

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Hint: Modification of stem means that instead of performing simple function of conduction of materials from root to the leaves of the plant the stem acts as the reservoir of food, supports the plant or helps in the vegetative propagation.

Complete answer:
 In banana plants rhizomes are present as the plant's true stem. Rhizome is a stem modification which grows laterally and has many nodes on it, so that it can be cut and grown into new plants. It functions as a plant's root system and provides support to the plant. It also helps in generating the clonal varieties of the plant. Sucker is present in the plant as the modified stem. It arises from the root and is an extension of the rhizome as a lateral root. It grows close to the stem of the parent plant. The sucker is usually a clone of the plant that will take the place of the parent plant once it has stopped fruiting. There are water suckers and the sword suckers in the banana plant. The water suckers look like small banana plants whereas the sword suckers have narrow leaves and large rhizomes.

Additional Information: Stolon is a type of stem that is also known as the runner stem. The plant stem is usually very fragile so when they are bent near the soil, they develop roots and shoots from that point hence, developing an identical plant. Corm is also a modified stem which is used to store food underground. It appears in the form of bulbs. It also develops root systems thus, supporting the plant structure.
So the correct answer is 'Sucker and rhizome'.

Note: The original stem type of the banana plant is the rhizome which gives rise to a modified part called sucker. Rhizome is a type of modified stem but in this case, it acts as the true stem of the plant and the sucker acts like the modified stem of the plant.