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In apoplast pathway, water moves exclusively through the
a. Plasmodesmata
b. Cell walls
c. Intercellular spaces
d. Both B and C

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: There are two important pathways present in the plants, for the transport of water and minerals, which are apoplast and simplest, whereas in the apoplast the water and minerals are flow in an upward direction through the apoplast from the xylem In the root.

Complete answer:
- In a simple term, the apoplast is the space that is present outside the plasma membrane and helps in water and minerals diffusion.
- These apoplast cells are formed by a continuum of cells, and the adjacent cells and extracellular spaces
- Sometimes the diffusion that occurs through this apoplast space is interrupted by the presence of Casparian strips in the root, and also the presence of air spaces between the plant cells and the cuticle.
- In the apoplast system, the transport of water and minerals is by upward direction and movement from the roots of the xylem.
- The transport of materials and the concentration of solute of the above-ground organs are mainly formed by the combination of import from the. Xylem and absorption occur by the cells and export through the phloem.
- The transport through the apoplast is said to be the highest amount of water transported pathway of plants, and it is very essential and higher than the symplast and the apoplast is the area, which has higher and rich in nutrients.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Note: Most of the microorganisms thrive to be located and to invade the apoplast, as the structures are very rich in nutrients, and the common apoplast affected disease is black rot which is caused by the bacteria called Xanthomonas.