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In Annelids, excretory organs are
a. Nephridia
b. Malpighian Tubules
c. Green Glands
d. Kidneys

Last updated date: 18th Jun 2024
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Hint: They are cylindrical or extended structures in contact with the inward body-liquids on one side and open to the earth on the opposite side. They are fixed with short, hair-like projections considered cilia that beat more than once to keep up the progression of liquid through the organ.

Complete answer:
The annelid excretory framework is composed of long cylindrical organs called nephridia. Nephridia is an excretory organ that eliminates nitrogenous waste from the body cavity and removes them through the pores outside the body. Numerous species have a couple of nephridia in each portion.
Nephrostome is the nephridia in which each has an opening that takes in body liquids from the coelom, and a leaf pore in the body wall called the nephridiopore discharges waste from the worm. As body-liquids travel through the nephridia, the two supplements that are essential to the living being and water are reabsorbed, leaving a concentrated waste liquid that is discharged through the nephridiopore. In this way, the right answer is (A) 'Nephridia'.

Additional Information:
Besides, strong similarity exists likewise with the functional mechanisms of extrarenal osmoregulatory structures, for example, shark rectal organs, avian salt organ, and gills.
The key system of excretion depends on the Cl− conductance properties of a Cl− emitting epithelium. While Malpighian tubules are associated with the midgut, nephridia are straightforwardly open to the body surface.

The coelomic liquid enters the tubules, water and supplements are reabsorbed, and the metabolic waste, for example, smelling salts, urea, or uric corrosive is discharged. Although invertebrate nephridia and vertebrate kidneys advanced freely, there are wonderful analogies in the fundamental structure of solute transepithelial transport.