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In a solar cooker:
A) Electricity is used to cook food
B) Chemical energy is converted into electrical energy
C) Radiation from the sun is used to cook food
D) Heat energy is converted to light energy

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Hint: A solar cooker is a solar appliance that is used to cook food by concentrating the rays of the sun on the food and heating them up. For concentrating the rays of the sun, a solar cooker makes use of converging or plane mirrors.

Complete step by step answer:
A solar cooker is a cooking device that is able to cook food without the use of electricity. In a solar cooker food is kept on a tray and covered with a glass cover. It has a mirror which reflects the light rays from the sun onto the food. This heats up the food and the glass cover does not let this heat escape. The heat from the sun’s rays cook up the food. The mirror can be a plane mirror, so that a uniform reflection and heating of the entire food tray is achieved or a parabolic mirror which concentrates a large amount of the sun’s rays onto a small area.
Therefore, in a solar cooker, food gets cooked up without the use of electrical energy by using radiation from the sun.
Therefore, the correct option is C) Radiation from the sun is used to cook food.

Students must note that there are also some disadvantages to the use of a solar cooker. Usually, in a solar cooker, food takes a much longer time to cook than on conventional gas stoves. Also, if the weather is cloudy and the sun does not come out, then a solar cooker would be ineffective. A solar cooker is also of not much use in cold temperate countries where the sun’s rays reach in a slanting manner and transfer lesser thermal energy.