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In a class test containing $15$ questions, $4$ marks are given for every correct answer and $( - 2)$ marks are given for every incorrect answer.
Gurpreet attempts all questions but only $9$ of her answers are correct. What is her total score?

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Hint:First of all read the question and its given condition carefully, Gurpreet has attempted all the questions but only nine are correct that means total minus nine questions are incorrect, so she will get four marks for the correct ones and minus two for incorrect ones. Solve and find her total score considering her marks for correct and incorrect questions both.

Complete step by step solution:
In order to find the total score of Gurpreet, first we will find how many questions she attempted and from which how many are correct and how many are correct.
According to the question, Gurpreet has attempted all the questions, which means she has done $15$ questions. Also it is given that she answered only $9$ questions correctly, which means there are $(15 - 9) = 6$ questions that are incorrect.
So now giving her $4$ marks for all her corrected questions, it will be equals to $9 \times 4 = 36$
And this time giving her $( - 2)$ marks for all her incorrect questions, it will be equals to $6 \times ( - 2)
= - 12$
So now adding both marks to get her total marks, $36 + ( - 12) = 36 - 12 = 24$
$\therefore $ Gurpreet has got a total of $24$ marks.

Note: If you want to calculate from how much Gurpreet has got $24$ marks, then calculate the full marks, that is calculate the marks with the condition that all the questions are answered correctly. Calculate the full marks of the class test and find Gurpreet’s percentage by yourself.