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Important site for formation of glycoproteins and glycolipid is
a. Vacuole
b. Plastids
c. Lysosomes
d. Golgi apparatus.

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Hint: Cell organelle are the structure present in eukaryotic organisms. The membrane bound organelles is a unique characteristic of Eukaryotic organisms. Organelles at least function in a coordinated manner and constitute an endomembrane system. The components of the endomembrane system are endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi complex, lysosomes and vacuoles.

Complete answer:
> VACUOLE: They are found in both animal and plant cells but are much larger in plant cells. Vacuoles are mostly used to store food. The layer of vacuole is known as tonoplast. in animals . Food vacuoles are mostly found. So, this option is incorrect.

> PLASTIDS: Blasts are found in all plant cells and euglenoids on the basis of pigment composition. Plastics are classified into three types, namely chloroplast, chromoplast, and leucoplast. Chromoplast contains fat soluble, carotenoid pigments. Leucoplasts are colourless plastid. chloroplast helps in photosynthesis. So, this option is also not correct.

> LYSOSOMES:They are also known as suicidal bags. They are called, so because when there is Disturbance in any cellular activity they burst and they start to eat their own cell . So this option is also wrong.

> GOLGI APPARATUS: These were discovered by camillo golgi. The material synthesized by ER is transformed , modified and packaged by golgi. They are the main site involved in formation of glycoproteins and glycolipids, So this option is correct.

Hence, The correct answer is option (D).

Additional information:
Some important functions of golgi apparatus are:-
- Absorption of compounds
- Formation of acrosome
- Transport of material
- Modification of material
- Formation of intracellular crystals.

Note: Golgi complex was found by camillo golgi. It consists of many flat disc shapes sacks. They are stacked parallel to each other. The principal function of Golgi is packing of materials to be delivered either to the intracellular target. Or they are secreted outside the cells.