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What was an important achievement of George Washington's first term of office, 1789-1793?
A. The establishment of a cabinet to act as advisers.
B. The purchase of Florida from Spain
C. The suppression of a rebellion of Massachusetts farmers.
D. The passage of the Alien and Sedition Act
E. The formation of a political party to nose Alexander Hamilton.

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Hint: George Washington was an American political leader, Statesman and founding father who served as the President of the US for two terms. Washington is famous for his several achievements. He is also famous for defining the roles and functions of the president of the US.

Complete answer: One of the important achievements of George Washington of his first term was the establishment of a cabinet of advisors. Washington defined the roles and functions of the executive and the heads of the executive. with the current residential cabinets includes sixteen members however Washington’s cabinet included just four. Washington in his cabinet included multiple perspectives exhibited by the political spectrum ranging from Hamilton to Jefferson.
-The purchase of the Florida treaty was signed between Spanish minister Do Loid de Onis and US secretary of State John Adams under which Florida became the part of the US territory.
-Shay's rebellion was an act of armed uprising that happened in Massachusetts in 1786-87. The uprising was in response to a debt crisis among the citizens and farmers and an opposition to the governments increased efforts to collect taxes. This happened before the first term of Washington's.
-The alien and sedition act was in response to the French foreign threat passed by federalist congress in 1798 and signed by President Adams. These laws include powers to deport foreigners and make voting harder for new immigrants. It changed the immigrant voting policy from residing for 5 years to 14 years.
-Anti-administration party was made by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to oppose the economic and other policies of Alexander Hamilton. Though Washington usually supported Hamilton, he was not a part of any political party.
Therefore with the above explanation and analysis, the correct answer is option-A.

Note: In 1794 George Washington suppressed the Whiskey rebellion which emerged due to the policies of Alexander Hamilton. It was his firm action during such crises that served to strengthen the authority of the new federal government.