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If the proper dosage of a drug is \[2{\text{ }}mg/kg\] of body weight, how many milligrams would a \[110 - lb\] individual need?

Last updated date: 11th Jun 2024
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Hint: Most drugs in youngsters are dosed by body weight \[\left( {mg/kg} \right)\]or body surface territory (BSA) \[\left( {mg/{m^2}} \right)\]. Care should be taken to appropriately change over body weight from pounds to kilograms \[\left( {1{\text{ }}kg = {\text{ }}2.2{\text{ }}lb} \right)\]prior to ascertaining doses dependent on body weight.

Complete step by step answer:
Your patient necessities \[100{\text{ }}mg\].
Since your medication's portion is communicated in \[mg{\text{ }}per{\text{ }}kg\], you'll need to change it over to \[mg{\text{ }}per{\text{ }}pound\] first, and afterward decide how much a \[110 - lbs\] patient would require.
\[2\frac{{mg}}{{Kg}} \cdot \frac{{1kg}}{{2 \cdot 20462lbs}} = 0.9072{\text{ }}mg/lbs\]
at that point
\[110{\text{ }}lbs \cdot 0.9072\frac{{mg}}{{lbs}} = 99.8{\text{ }}mg\]
Adjusted to one sig fig, the quantity of sig figs in \[2mg\], the appropriate response will be
\[{m_{drug}} = 100{\text{ }}mg\]
You can do this in one longer advance also
\[2\frac{{mg}}{{kg}} \cdot \frac{{1kg}}{{2.20462lbs}} \cdot 110lbs = 100{\text{ }}mg\]
Doses are frequently communicated as \[mg/kg/day\] or \[mg/kg/dose\], consequently arrays composed which are confusing, require further explanation from the prescriber.
Chemotherapeutic drugs are generally dosed by body surface territory, which requires an additional confirmation step (BSA estimation) before dosing. Prescriptions are accessible in various fixations, accordingly arrangements written in instead of are not worthy and require further explanation.
Dosing additionally shifts by sign, in this way indicative data is useful when computing doses. The accompanying models are commonly experienced while dosing drugs in youngsters.

 When doses are communicated in the second path as it has been misread as \[6{\text{ }}mg/portion\] to be surrendered \[3{\text{ }}doses/day\]-\[3{\text{ }}times\] a day is the proposed portion! The last two techniques, in view of the patient's body size (weight or body surface zone), are regularly utilized for pediatric doses, however they are helpful for grown-up doses for specific drugs.