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If in a certain code, AUGUST is written as 26-19-4-17-14-14, then how would JANUARY be written as?
(A). 11-2-15-22-2-19-26
(B). 9-25-11-22-6-17-1
(C). 11-2-15-22-2-5-16
(D). 9-25-11-17-22-12-18

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Hint: This particular question belongs to verbal reasoning. In this problem, we’ll try to find the code by writing the alphabet a to z and numbering them 1 to 26. We try to find the code and then in the same code we can write January.

Complete step-by-step answer:
First of all, we’ll try to get the code. For this, we’ll write all the alphabets from a to z and give them numbers from 1 to 26. It means we are actually assigning a particular number to a particular alphabet.


For example, if we want to mention H then we’ll say 8. That’s how this coding works. Now, we’ll use the given information to get the rule. The rule says AUGUST is written as 26-19-4-17-14-14.
Now to get the rule we’ll compare the actual positions of their alphabet and the given code as follows.

Sr. no.AlphabetGiven positionActual positionDifference

Here, the difference represents the direction of movement. For example, G has an actual position as 7 and it’s coded as 4 which is actual -3. We are coming 3 steps back. It would have coded 9 then we would have written +2. Also, it’s circular addition or subtraction like a clock. If we add 1 in 26 then it’ll be 1, not 27. That’s why A has an actual position as 1 and mentioned as 26. Because if we come 1 step back from 1 then it’ll be 26.
By observing from the above table, we can say, first place is coming 1 step back, second place is coming 2 steps back, and so on.
Now we’ll give code to the required word and that is JANUARY.

Sr. no.AlphabetActual PositionRuleValue
1J10Actual -19
2A1Actual -225
3N14Actual -311
4U21Actual -417
5A1Actual -522
6R18Actual -612
7Y25Actual -718

Hence, the code for JANUARY will be 9-25-11-17-22-12-18.
So, Option (D) is the correct option.

Note: Many students make mistakes to understand circular subtraction or addition. We would recommend students to visualize these numbers like a clock mentioned below and then proceed for further calculations. This image is just for understanding that’s why we only focus on 26 and 1 steps.
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