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Identify the metal which conducts electricity?

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: Conduction of electricity is defined as the movement of charged particles in an organized manner which results in a net movement of the charges through the material. We get an electric current when the charged particles start moving in an orderly fashion.

Complete step by step answer:
We know that metals conduct electricity and non-metals do not conduct electricity. Copper is a metal hence it is a good conductor of electricity. Carbon, nitrogen and bromine are non-metals and hence they are poor conductors of electricity.
Therefore, B is the correct option. A, C and D incorrect options.
Additional information:
Electrical conductors are those materials which allow electricity to flow easily through them.
Some conductors of electricity are Copper, Aluminium, Silver, Gold, Graphite, Platinum, Water, People etc. The property of a conductor to “conduct” electricity is defined as the conductivity. Such materials offer less resistance to the flow of the charges. Conducting materials allow the transfer of charge easily because electrons move freely through them.
In equilibrium, a conductor exhibits the following properties:
1) A conductor allows the movement of ions and electrons and in them.
2)The electric field of a conductor is zero and so it allows the electrons to flow within them.
3)The density of charge in a conductor is zero.
4) Free charges exist on the surface of the conductor only.
5)All points in a conductor are at the same potential.
Many metals are good conductors of electricity. Therefore, parts of appliances which need to pass electricity are composed of metals. The plastic covering which surrounds an electrical conductor is called an insulator. Insulators prevent us from getting electric shock.

So, the correct answer is Option B .

In solution conductors form ionic conductors. Saltwater is an ionic solution and it also conducts electricity. It is an example of ionic conductors.